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Powered by Modul University Vienna we offer quality certificated online programs for both students and professionals,  to support you in your chosen pathway in education or business.

Exclusive intensive learning pathways

Modul University has specifically curated intensive learning pathways, which will allow you to gain an additional certification to boost your profile and widen your knowledge in just a short amount of time. You’ll also get to know what it feels to be a student at Modul University!

Within each learning pathway, you will find courses delivered by leading organizations and specialist universities. Your subscription will give you access to the pathway and all courses within it until 20th February. At the end of your subscription, you will receive an e-certificate of completion from Modul University. Your e-certificate can then be shared via your CV, LinkedIn profile or alternative e-portfolio

Discover our pathways and courses

Sustainable Business Models

  • Renewable Energy & Green Building Entrepreneurship
     – Duke University
  • Driving Business towards the SDGs – Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Corporate Sustainability: Understanding & Seizing the Strategic Opportunity
    -Bocconi University
  • Sustainable Fashion
    – Copenhagen Business School
  • Sharing Cities: Governance & Urban Sustainability
    – Lund University
  • Circular Economy: Sustainable Materials Management
    – Lund University

International Management

  • Leadership in 21st Century Organizations 
    – Copenhagen Business School
  • Inspiring and Motivating Individuals
    – University of Michigan
  • How to Manage a
    Remote Team

    – GitLab
  • Strategic Management & Innovation
    – Copenhagen Business School
  • Influencing People
    – University of Michigan
  • Intercultural Communication & Conflict Resolution
    – University of California, Irvine

Introduction to Data Science

  • AI for Everyone
    – DeepLearning.AI
  • Data Science Math Skills
    – Duke University
  • What is Data Science? 
    – IBM
  • Programming for Everyone (Getting started with

    – University of Michigan
  • Data Science for Business Innovation
    – EIT Digital, Politecnico di Milano
  • Tools for Exploratory
    Data Analysis in

    – University of Illinois

Design Thinking & Creativity

  • Ready, Set, Future! Introduction to Futures Thinking
    – Institute for the Future
  • Innovation & Emerging Technology: Be Disruptive
    – Macquarie University
  • Design-Led Strategy: Design thinking for business strategy & entrepreneurship
    – The University of Sydney
  • Creative Thinking: Techniques & Tools for Success
    – Imperial College London
  • The Growth Mindset
    – University of California, Davis
  • Creative Problem Solving
    – University of Minnesota

Consumer Behavior & Marketing

  • Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing
    – Copenhagen Business School
  • Global Impact: Cultural Psychology
    – University of Illinois
  • Google Search Engine Optimization

    – University of California, Davis
  • Brand & Content Marketing
    – IE Business School
  • Influencer Marketing Strategy
    – Rutgers State University of New Jersey
  • Marketing Analytics: Know your Customers
    – Macquarie University

A World Class Learning Platform

In order to offer the best possible learning experience Modul Online has partnered with ‘Coursera for Campus’ online learning platform, accessing the world’s leading instructors and course content, offering the best-in-class online learning experience. Coursera for Campus uses cutting edge education technology enabling people to learn anytime and anywhere, with the ability to:     

  • Participate in 120+ hours of course content within your chosen pathway program
  • Experience studying international business topics that prepare you for your future career  
  • Enjoy interactive learning experiences and be part of a global learning community  
  • Study at your own pace with bite-sized sessions, self-paced learning, and convenient mobile access
  • Earn a certificate that can help boost your resume 

Usually £99 per month

For each successfully completed pathway, learners will receive a digital and shareable e-certificate.

Purchased subscriptions must be made before 20.12.2021 and have a 2-month minimum subscription plan. Free subscriptions can be allocated at any time, but licences will still expire on 20.02.2022. Please note that courses taken are not accepted for credit transfer at MU.

Frequently Asked Questions

All learning pathways have been carefully curated to give you to access expert course content to study over an intensive period and gain extra certification in a business-related subject. We chose to partner with Coursera for Campus to enable our students the opportunity to learn anywhere and at any time with the Coursera Mobile App.

On completion, you will receive a digital and shareable e-certificate from Modul University Vienna. This can be shared via your CV, added to your LinkedIn profile or included as part of an e-portfolio.

Your path to success!

Absolutely – when you subscribe you will gain access to all the courses listed within the pathway. The courses available under each pathway have been carefully selected by Modul University to help you to expand your knowledge.

These courses can also be a great opportunity to gain insight into topics you are considering studying in future.

Alternatively, for existing students, the courses can be a great opportunity for you to gain an insight into topics outside of your study program specialization.

Modul University are currently offering the first 101 completed Undergraduate applications, FREE access to a Modul Online Intensive Learning Pathway of their choice.

All subscriptions will expire on 20th February 2022.

Within that time you have unlimited access to your intensive pathway courses on Coursera for Campus.

Intensive learning pathways will not be accepted for credit transfer at Modul University Vienna.

It’s up to you!

Our Intensive Learning Pathways can be used to discover something new, give you support alongside your current studies or work or as an ‘introduction’ to a subject you are considering studying in future.

Your certificate will reflect the pathway and courses within it which you have successfully completed.

The certificate will be from Modul University Vienna.