Enhanced English Language Courses
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To support learners in the perfection of their industry-level English, Modul Online is providing access to state-of-the-art Business English language courses to follow alongside their chosen pathway.

The Business English courses are designed to prepare a student to interact fully in international contexts, giving them the competences and confidence to communicate effectively in any environment, but with skills for the Tourism & Hospitality sectors and a professional context generally.

Upon course completion, students will receive a certificate that states the level of the course they have completed and when. One certificate will be issued per course, and this is certified by Modul University Vienna, Austria’s leading private international university.

You will be asked to select your English level (B1 or B2) at the point of enrolling for your chosen pathway program.

Business English

The Business course is offered at CEFR B1 and B2 level. It is designed to improve speaking, writing, vocabulary and pronunciation skills and boost confidence in an international business context. Through continuous participation, learners can ‘unlock’ more activities and further develop their skills and knowledge.

Certified English Course Brochure

Download our English Brochure to learn more about the additional English courses we have to offer.

Should you have any questions regarding the English courses or would like to discuss any specific skills that you would like to focus on then please get in contact with us as we’d love to hear from you.

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