This is knowledge. Streamed.

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Looking for an innovative way to deliver learning and development in your organization?

Modul University has commissioned the development of a state-of-the-art learning platform, which has the functionality of any well-known music or film streaming platform. This allows the user to learn in a completely intuitive environment, build playlists of activities, follow their peers and experience a more interactive and self-led way of learning.

Like Spotify… but different!

With its familiar interface, the Modul University learning and streaming platform allows your organisation to develop in-house content, create tracks, albums and implement a mixture of audiovisual and static content within these. When a user has a license to view a collection of albums, the system automatically generates ‘mixes’ of activities, or allows the user to compile a playlist themselves. Users can connect with colleagues and friends and interact just like they would on social media.

Empower your organization with knowledge, flexibly and intuitively.

Create interactive in-house courses and training materials, deliver tests or just share interesting content. The platform is based on the well-known Moodle LMS, which is known for its usability and flexibility in building and delivering courses at universities, schools, organizations and independent institutions.

Customise the learning experience.

  • Licensing and whitelabeling options to suit all organisations.
  • Tailor the experience with a company logo and brand assets.
  • Choose a colour scheme and develop content in-house.

Developed in association with adaptiVLE

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If you’d like to hear more about the Talent Squared Record Label, the debut album “Recalibrate” or our state-of-the-art learning platform, please contact us using the form below.